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Lawyer Representing Parents In Cases Involving DCPP

Helping Families Move On From Abuse and Neglect Accusations

Cases that involve the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) in New Jersey are very serious. Once DCPP is involved in a family situation, there are many legal hurdles you may be facing in order to retain custody of your children. If you are being investigated by DCPP or have been contacted regarding your children, enlist the assistance of a skilled parental defense attorney.

At the Law Office of Joy Anderson, LLC, our attorney, Joy Anderson, confidently and professionally handles DCPP cases for clients in Monmouth County, Middlesex County and across Central New Jersey. Our firm understands that these are emotional issues and works hard to see that your rights are preserved while seeking an end to the case.

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DCPP becomes involved in families when allegations of possible child abuse or child neglect are raised. The New Jersey DCPP is required to thoroughly investigate all of these accusations to ensure that the best actions are taken to protect the child or children. DCPP may show up at your home in order to question you and your children about the situation. If you do not cooperate, DCPP may seek a court order (an Order to Investigate) that forces you to cooperate with the investigation.

We are committed to aggressively defending parents who are being investigated by DCPP and have been the target of neglect or abuse allegations. Our firm can represent you at any hearings or in any proceedings that may follow the DYFS investigation.

Individuals who make allegations can remain anonymous. This can lead to retaliatory allegations and false accusations, which should not be tolerated.

Removal Of The Child

If allegations of abuse or neglect are found to be substantiated, or true, the child or children may be removed from your home. During this time, you are able to fight to retain custody of the child or children. We strive to assist clients in gathering all pertinent information needed to seek the reinstatement of your custodial rights. Our firm fights hard to see that children are kept in the home and/or returned as quickly as possible.

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Do not hesitate to get in touch with a parent defense lawyer in DCPP cases. Your future with your children may be at stake. Contact us to learn more about how we handle issues with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency. Our office is conveniently located on 1 Main Street, Suite 202, Eatontown, adjoining the Eatontown Municipal County Complex. We offer appointments during our regular office hours, and evening and weekend appointments are available upon special request.

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